A Board of Managers (“Board”) supported by an Executive Committee (“EC”) has been established. The Board consists of two representatives of each of the Founding Centers; and the EC is comprised of the following individuals:

• Jerome Levy, MD – President and Chairman of the Board

• Robert Nelson, PA-C – Vice President

• Glenn deBrueys – Chief Executive Officer

• Richard Mackool, MD – Chief Medical Officer

• Neil Levinbook, Esq. – Treasurer and Engaged Chief Operating Officer

• Brian Wnorowski, MD – Vice President (Data Management)

• Mark Lebowitz, MD- Secretary

Subject-specific subcommittees ensure that the strategic and operational components of the VCNA CIN are carried through properly. They serve as advisors to the Executive Committee and the Board regarding the care process and clinical quality, information technology, finance and payer relations, compliance, and growth and business development areas of the CIN.

A Chief Operating Officer, Neil Levinbook, Esq. has been appointed by the EC to manage the development and operationalization of VCNA.  Neil also remains on the EC as Treasurer.

Clinical Operations

VCNA will operate under a standardized approach that will produce measureable, satisfactory, and high-quality healthcare services at known, real costs of production. Its operations will allow each Center to determine its own care processes, supplies and equipment, and service offerings while being subject to enterprise-wide metrics that demonstrate value.

Financial Operations

The main goal of the financial operations model is to identify and eradicate waste and inefficiency in healthcare delivery services by applying time-driven, activity-based, cost accounting and LEAN process mapping tools.  The LEAN methodology is a process management technique that is focused on waste elimination, efficiency and the delivery of value to patients. Clinicians will be the decision-makers with regard to driving down VCNA’s costs and determining the cost savings structure.